31 Day

Seattle, WA

Located in a small commercial district on the crest of the Mount Baker Ridge in Seattle, this project is organized around a central courtyard. The ground floor provides 5,800 sq ft of retail space, while the upper two levels provide eighteen, one bedroom dwelling units.    
Courtyards have been used in urban residential dwelling as long as people have chosen to settle in cities. The earliest known courtyard houses were built in Iran and China and date as far back as 3000 BC. Cities like Paris are organized with the courtyard block. This project creates a courtyard that simultaneously creates privacy and community. The courtyard also allows each dwelling to be a through unit that connects to both the urban environment and the more private courtyard which provides abundant natural light and ventilation. A bridge across the courtyard links the interior units to their required exits will allowing all units to be a through unit, with open space on at least two sides.

Design 2012

Seattle WA

18,800 sf
18 Units