Park Strip House

Anchorage, AK

The Park Strip House is compact.   Set on a crowded, narrow street, the house is surrounded on three sides.  To the east, taller structures look down on the project.  To the north and south bulky houses pin the project in.  Only to the west is there relief.   The house, then, is like a horseshoe—private on three sides and completely open on the fourth.  

In this setting, views to the west and the sky become primary.  By siting the house just west of the neighbors, creating a wall of windows, and vaulting the interior space to a sky clerestory, the project situates the clients within the space of the western view.  The simple domestic form of the house asserts the structure’s new position on the crowded street.  

Completed 2015

2,700 sf

Arete LLC

Marvin Woodworks