River Harvest

Winnipeg, Manitoba

River Harvest is constructed from the very resource that defines its site, the river’s ice.

Cored, harvested, and stacked like a pile of wood, the ice will be transformed into a warming hut.

A textured path created by the refrozen core holes leads to the hut; the artifact of the hut’s construction.

A threshold of firewood, stacked in a metal framework, creates the entry into this lucid room of ice. A room that will transform under the touch of warm hands, changing temperatures, snow, and light.

During the day, it is a part of the frozen landscape. At night, a beacon that glows from a flickering fire.


River Harvest was a proposal for the 2014 Warming Huts competition that takes place annually to create temporary shelter along the Forks Rivertrail, on the Assiniboine River, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Competition Entry

100 sf