Westchester Residence

Anchorage, AK

This remodel and addition to a 1950’s Anchorage rambler was directed by the client’s desire for open spaces that supported a more social lifestyle. Using a surgical approach that preserved the scale of the original house, carefully planned incisions and alterations reorganized the cramped dark spaces into generous light filled volumes. These interventions were woven together through a simple and modest language of material and texture. Dark stained exterior wood siding contrasts with white detailing and trim. Warm wood interiors animate a response to Alaska’s changing light and environment. An iconic light monitor over the main living space redefines the volume and floods the room with natural light.  

Complete 2009

240 sf addition
2,200 sf ft renovation

Anchorage Daily News

Sight/Site  Alaska Design Forum

Harriott Smith Valentine

Marvin Woodworks